Design & interior

Design is widely associated with the word creativity.
For us this term does not evoke an exercise in fantasy but finds substance in the application of a working method, repeated and refined through experience.

It is an approach that we have inherited from the tradition of the Milanese school, starting from the years of university training at the Politecnico and always renewed over time.

A method is not a style: this makes us free to explore ever different formal solutions, without tying ourselves down to what we have done before.

So we start by analysing what exists, breaking down and reassembling the elements according to functional criteria but also taking formal aspects into account.

We then come to a severe phase of critique, which is fundamental for selecting the most interesting ideas.

The distinctive feature that emerges from our work is the constant search for a balance between shape, functionality and narrative.

We love objects that are essential, aesthetically resolved and that can enter into dialogue with the most diverse environments. They must therefore have personality but must never be over the top. In short, they must resemble us a little, even “character-wise”.

The studio took part in the 2014 and 2017 editions of SaloneSatellite, gaining critical acclaim and establishing collaborations with companies in Italy and abroad. The 2017 edition saw the studio selected by La Rinascente, from among 650 participants, to exhibit and sell its projects at the store in Piazza Duomo in Milan.

Today, two of the studio’s projects are part of the prestigious permanent collection of the Salone Satellite itself.

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