The studio

Our approach starts with listening: we give fundamental importance to the point of view of the person in front of us because it allows us to broaden our understanding of the subject, the limits of the project and its complexity.

We are stubborn, we are never really satisfied with a result because any project can be perfected.
We like to think of a project as a journey with no set arrival. We analyse and rethink what we have done over the years in the light of advancing technical possibilities or our own experience and awareness.

We seek a feeling of harmony and wholeness that we apply to every area. It is the feeling when each element finds a meaning in relation to the whole in a balance between the parts. With this in mind, the differences between designing an environment, an object, a brand or a website are blurred.

The studio took part in the 2014 and 2017 editions of SaloneSatellite, attracting critical interest and establishing collaborations with companies in Italy and abroad.

The 2017 edition saw the studio selected by La Rinascente, out of 650 participants, to exhibit and sell its projects at the store in Piazza Duomo in Milan.

On two occasions it took part in the final phase of the Young&Design competition that rewards the best projects in production by under-35s at Milan Design Week.