Web design

A website is an irreplaceable part of any business plan.

It is essential

  • to be found by people searching on the web
  • to build authority
  • to consolidate and communicate your brand identity
  • to protect your name from competitors
  • to position yourself on search engines for multiple keywords
  • to have a sales channel
  • …and much more.

Based on our experience, we know that reliability, competence and the ability to listen are the first requirements that are demanded of anyone proposing to develop a site.

Another fundamental aspect for us is the flexibility and scalability of the investment: we can carry out large or small projects. We calibrate the cost by carefully assessing the client’s needs on the one hand and the size of the budget on the other, directing the choices towards achievable and measurable goals.

We also take an incremental approach, designing sites that can grow and evolve around the client’s needs. We help collect data and develop a growth strategy.

Another aspect to which we pay particular attention is the ease with which the client can use the administrative part of the site. In other words, we develop a system that allows content to be populated intuitively, quickly and without the need for preliminary image editing. In fact, we deliver the site tool entirely into the hands of the customer, thus making it autonomous in its ordinary management.

At the same time, we are able to fulfil all aspects of optimisation of the factors that influence the speed of the site and the search engine optimization (SEO). We provide a constant point of reference in the selection of useful actions to fully exploit the web channel.

Last but not least, we take the utmost care of the graphics and, more generally, of the pleasantness and fluidity of navigation, in the awareness that these aspects influence more than any other to differentiate a site from its competitors and to convey the identity of the brand.

For this reason, we also create graphic mock-ups that we submit to the client before drafting the code.

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