Filo e Ferro lamps

On Sale at Rinascente department store in Piazza Duomo in Milan and in our shop

This project was born from the idea of exploring the lighting effects which the translucent
and coloured PVC blend can offer. Today it is also produced in cords for tying in outdoor
The possibility of combining different colors and textures fascinated us, figuring the
striking contrast of shadows in the surrounding space.
This idea materialized thanks to the collaboration with Impagliando, a hand woven
workshop for whom we designed a collection of furniture and dividers in 2016.
The lamps are characterized by a seemingly simple metal wire structure but carefully
proportioned: conic sections determine rings, sometimes circular, sometimes elliptical,
which give to the objects an irregular aspect. It appears different from any point of view.
In fact, the inspiration comes thinking about the many colorful facets of a gemstone.

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Lilliput small tables

Production: Billiani

On Sale at Rinascente department store in Piazza Duomo in Milan

The fulcrum of these two coffee tables are the wooden turned knobs, placed on the circumference of the plans to the two opposite ends. They are the key elements of tables statics and mechanics and their drawing attracts the viewer’s eye.
The elements of the trestle structure are easily divisible and transportable: the legs are separated from the frame and the knobs are the grip of the screws that hold together the different parts.
The four legs, joined two by two, are provided with a special joint that contrasts its own rotary moment with the equal and opposite thrust to the corresponding leg.
IThe plan is supplied with a triangular section lower dorsal having twofold function: it provides the seat for the sleeves of the four legs screwing pins and stiffens and counteracts the bending forces that the plan generates because of the material it is made with (wood solid) and its section (excavated in the middle).
The plan circularity is interrupted by two indentations close to the knobs: it shows the profile section which runs along the entire circumference.
They are made of solid oak wood, painted with black primer and satin natural effect finish.
Knobs are treated with vegetable oil.

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Puzzle table

Puzzle is an extendable table. His complex designed enhances the aesthetics of the mechanism of extensibility itself and underlines its constituent elements.
The plans separation line draws a joint and suggests the presence of a central sliding guide which binds the two movable parts.
The plan, so divided, is assembled thanks to two lateral metal profiles, bound by two rods with a circular section.

Each element is designed with a dual function, in order to lighten the shape and maximizing the materials performances:

  • – the brushed steel lateral profiles, fitted with tapping, hold up the plans and they are also the guides for the sliding;
  • – the connecting rods, in steel too, constitute the rotation fulcrums of the two revolving shelves;
  • – the oak veneered poplar plywood plans have the ideal thickness to accommodate the guides (obtained from solid oak pieces).

The supports are constituted by two stands with three legs, bound to the two plans. They are herefore also involved in the elongation movement.
The transformation sequence expects the plans removal of 22cm for each part (millings in the lower side are designed to facilitate the grip).
The underlying shelves are now free to rotate of 180°, bringing the upper surface to the same level of the top.
The unusual solution of three legs stands was adopted to accommodate the largest number of seats and give at the same time further personality to the table.
The design comes from the idea to lighten as much as possible the thicknesses, bringing the materials used to the maximum of structural performances.
The shelves, enhanced with a brilliant open pore dye, are meant to stay in view, according with the trend – more and more widespread – to lay on table runner or place mats instead of the more traditional tablecloth.

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Suppergiù chair

Suppergiù comes from the observation of our usual everyday behaviour. To use a chair to reach objects we placed on the top of a shelf is quite common, anyway this situation may evolve in a domestic accident. We observed the current market offer of step-chairs is characterized by the presence of mechanisms (which raises the costs) and an heavily influenced appearance due to the dual function.
In our opinion it is unlikely someone prefers them instead of more traditional chairs to furnish a living room or a kitchen. Keeping that in mind, we thought of a product where the cost and design of a normal wooden chair meets the convenience of a step-chair. Comfort and speed of transition from one function to another are both fundamental to us, indeed the more effort/time it is required for this operation, the more the effectiveness of the adopted solution drops.

Technical description_ In appearance the structure of this chair is similar to the traditional one, however it has some important differences:
_ There is no front-upper horizontal beam to avoid step blocking. Despite the loss of that element the structure remains stable and rigid and the mobile part of the seat contributes to hinder lateral forces in both positions.
_ The cut which divides the two pieces of the seat is equipped with a tapping to prevent rotation of the movable part if weighted down to the edge.
In ladder mode the second support point of the movable platen is provided by two studs screwed to the front legs and finished with the same colour of the back.
_ Also interesting is the solution we adopted for the back. We wanted to avoid the wooden curvature, so we chose to connect two metal elements, obtained by laser cutting from a 4mm flat sheet. They are designed to divert the forces direction in the space and to provide fixing to the two transverse elements of the backrest. We can customize these two metallic elements in different colours.
_ Almost all wooden pieces are straight rods which save time and labour costs, the only exception is for the transoms of the backrest which are provided by a 5axis milling.

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Apartment in S.Siro area in Milan

Apartment for a young family, with a newborn baby.
The demolition of a wall has created a unique large space for entrance and living room with open planning kitchen.
Natural colours have been selected for the walls to harmonize the furnishings.
The lighting design is characterized by the presence of different, direct and indirect, light sources. They are designed to accompany the different day times.

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Sintesi system

In the workshop of Impagliando, where it is collected and as renewed feel over the years a family tradition, essential objects come to life, characterized by simple or plots, in some cases real decorations.

The sharing of a feeling for the beauty that comes from simplicity, combined with the passion for the project to the smallest detail, facilitated the meeting with two other professional realities in an unusual working group. This collection is born from the synthesis of different types of knowledge and experience, the result of different paths.

Studioventotto oversaw the design of the structures, linked the different elements with a common language and shared between the intertwining spaces and greenery selecting the right proportions. We focused on the details, making them the protagonists of an essential composition: are two of the diagonal support foot that redefines the perimeter of the vessel from the ground or the release system and emptying the saucer that equips the Wall panel.

Barbara Negretti shared with Impagliando already several years of collaboration. His job is to design the spaces integrating the products in the green: from this experience was born the idea of ​​dividing panels to set up terraces and verandas or panels to decorate the walls, both internal and external. The selection of plant and flower species – live or cut – complete the composition, becoming an integral part of life and contaminating objects, in a kind of symbiosis.

The collection is therefore configured as a real character with a modular system, designed from a few basic elements, reproducible and can be customized with special accessories. The disappearing borders, outside and inside merge to form a single identity.

The Sintesi system, while being characterized by a very defined formal language, is the result of a craft industry, almost designer, where personalization is expressed not only in the sizes, but also in colors and finishes of the plots, as true custom clothes . They are in fact employed natural or synthetic materials, combinations sometimes unusual but thoroughly researched and tested, to meet both structural and aesthetic requirements. The structures are made of painted steel or ash or oak, treated for outdoor paints.

Synthesis system includes:
Painted steel partition panels with customized plots of outdoor technical ropes, available accessories: shelves and vase holder.
Paintings hanging with the possibility of adding a flower pot
Sessions in ash / oak
Outdoor Shower
Booth for bench

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Bacco wine bottle holder

Project presented at Salone del Mobile 2014

Small wine bottle holder in wood and leather, which can be closed because of its pantograph structure. Light and handy, it has been created as an elegant design object. Th e leather contributes to the static and dynamic balance of the object together with the elements in beech-wood. Bacco has been planned to hold not only the classical wine shape bottle but also a sparkling wine-shape bottle will fit it.

Bacco is among the 20 products selected for Young&Design competition 2015.

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Apartment in Washington area in Milan

Renovation of a 100sqm apartment.
Two walls were demolished, one hallway has been eliminated and two different rooms, the living room and the kitchen were combined to create a large open space.
A second bathroom was realized and, in the first one, it was created a niche for the shower.
In the hallway between the bedrooms, the ceiling was lowered to create a large storage room. It is possible to access to this utility room with more than one opening above the doors of the rooms.

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Lorenzo Palizzolo photographer website

The Photographer Lorenzo Palizzolo mainly works with fashion brands and called on studioventotto for the renewal of his website. The customer asked that galleries are displayed with the horizontal scrolling. This task has been accomplished while preserving the best display for all the devices screens, from 40” monitors to the smartphones ones.

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Small loft in Milan

In this project we had to deal with all issues related to the theme of the minimum space. This is a topic that we love very much because it’s actual and gives us the opportunity to experience interesting and innovative solutions.
Very often “Old Milan houses” have very high ceilings.
This is a good opportunity to realize lofts that, whether carefully designed, give you the possibility to create living spaces which you wouldn’t think to have.
In this case, on the upper floor there is a comfortable sleeping area.
Particularly, in a small two-rooms apartment like this, it’s very important to hide the bed, in order to make space look “wider”.
To avoid the presence of pillars, structure has been realized with metal beams which transfer the weight to the load-bearing walls.
As for the floor, a fir planking of 20 mm thicknesshas been chosen, with male female joint. The effect of brightness has been guaranteed by the wooden beams painted with white and light-colored.
Concerning the bathroom, very small, it was absolutely important to counter the sense of suffocation and we opted for installing a shower stall that “disappears” when not in use. We also adopted wall hung sanitary for getting more empty portions of the floor and a careful combination of colors and bright materials.

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Johnny Stecchino coat stand

Production: Adentro Paris

Johnny Stecchino is a leaning against wall coat-stand made by ash wood, light and handy, composed by few and simple elements:
two rods (heigh 1800mm and Ø30mm) are fastened to each other thanks to a hinge that allow you to adjust the opening. Hooks and knobs are placed in slots on the rods, distributed in order to employ at best the space to hang the clothes, simulating at the same time a sort of casuality.
Stability is ensured by leveling feet with anti-slip bottom.
Johnny Stecchino is a simple object but with a strong personality, also thanks to the choice of the two bright color combinations. The paints used are non-toxic and breathable.
The coat hanger was presented at fuorisalone 2013 and is currently produced by Artelegnolab of Gorlago (BG)

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Murano umbrella stand collection

The art of glassmakers masters has always aroused great interest and admiration in us.
The challenge was to try to reproduce the harmony and liveliness of glass vases, on objects made of a material having properties far different: the metal. To achieve this effect we thought the void as a real material: sheet metal strips as important as colorful and able to balance the “weight” of different shades.

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After six years from the first site we have been encharged to create the new version with the addition of new features and sections. So we set a fluid layout fully responsive, easily navigable through the latest mobile devices.
Adding custom fields, with easy-to-use opening-up, we also made it possible to add in a small space and concentrate a large amount of content (video, photo galleries, links, press releases etc.) supporting the description of the different items.

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Attic in Buenos Aires area in Milan

On the top floor of a tall building, an apartment with a beautiful view over Milan roofs.
In this case, we had to develop a furniture project in accordance with the tastes and needs of the owners and, at the same time, useful to take advantage of all available space.
Special attention was given to the choice of balanced and harmonious colours.

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Tolomeo desk

Tolomeo wants to modify our approach to work at the desk when we use different tools. A large rotating top allows you to bring near the objects that you need. The structure is constituted by four legs, obtained from extruded aluminum. They are placed under the top using solid wood elements, which makes the object also suitable in home environment.

Presented at “Home Sweet Office” contest for Della Valentina Office

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Rocket lamp

This product is designed to illuminate a room in the same easy way with which you can hang a painting: a nail and a socket within a ray of few meters are enough. The cable, left visible instead of being hidden, becomes characteristic element of the project and an integral part of the shape, thanks to its tone of color and to the selected finishing.
The item has been thought in order to be in line with today’s lifestyles increasingly popular: the apartments are rented for a limited time and people brings back those objects that create the feeling of “home”. But this must be possible in a simple and rapid way.
The design has wanted to look for the simplicity of the shape and, at the same time, to give space to the decoration: the cuts on the surface enrich the object and cast interesting play of light and shadows.

Client: Lamidea

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Milady umbrella stand

We observed the majority of umbrella stand are not intended to accommodate the compact folding umbrellas which are often stacked on the ground or slip on the bottom. We wanted to answer this need with an elegant shape, smooth and essential, that immediately communicates the multiple use which it is designed for.
We employ a simple bent and assembled metal wire that could represent the concept of pure structure and fulfils the function of containing without holding. Dimensional ratios study was particularly tough because we had to find a balance between containing two different types of umbrellas and
respecting a proportion between the upper and the lower part. Achieving this balance we found also a name for our project, referring to dresses shape of XVII century ladies.

Technical description_ The object is made with a single material: it consists in 12 steel rods (diameter 6 mm), bent with an angle of 75°, in a circular ring made by another rod of the same diameter and in a water drop collector plate, wielded on the bottom.
The terminal part of the rods is bent with an angle of 90° in order to be tangent to a hypothetical circumference. These hooks can host many different sized umbrellas while providing the place to hang the little ones.

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Continuum coffee table

Table made in Adamantx® structure for a proposal characterized by simple and evocative sign of a sinuous continuous line.
An essential formal solution, able to customize the environment. The transparency of the glass top allows you to highlight the soft lines of the structure.
A unique form of Continuity in Space.

Cliente: Zad Italy

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Exposizioni website

Fondazione Franco Albini and ASAL Assoallestimenti , an association of FederlegnoArredo have instructed us to carry out the website of Exposizioni project.
The intent of the client was to make available to a wider audience a broad wealth of material of design, photo and letters from important archives and inherent in some Italian setups from the 30s ‘ to the present day, all accompanied by commentary texts edited by Giampiero Bosoni, the project manager, and lecturer at the Politecnico di Milano. It is a modular design, which sees now loaded the first 4 works.
The first step was to give a coordinated graphic design, from a logo that would communicate visually the link between the past and the event of Expo Milano 2015.
The site includes an area to which access is restricted to registered users. This important aspect we have been asked to monitor the type of users of the portal.

Sole24Ore, Giovanna Mancini
Abitare, Monica Guala
Archinfo, Francesca Rosa
Ultrafragola Channels TV
Fondazione Fiera Milano
Live Milano

, Alice Amadei

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Renovation of an apartment in Parma

Few architectural interventions were enough to make this apartment functional for its inhabitants.
It is about 100 mq on a high floor, with a large amount of natural light. We chosen a palette of bright and soft colors and some stronger and cheerful colors for some particular elements in every room.
We wanted to create an harmonic base on which the old forniture can interact with new pieces, carefully selected: not only some pieces of historical italian design, like Sonora lamp by Vico Magistretti, but also some Ikea forniture with essential lines.
A plasterboard wall behind the head of the bed creates the space for a walk-in closet. A niche in the corridor has been ‘hidden’ by three sliding panel curtains, installed on a ceiling track.
They are all small interventions, but they characterize considerably the space.

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Fondazione Franco Albini website

Fondazione Franco Albini asked to us to renew its website after the positive experience of Exposizioni.
The client had the need for an efficient and up to date tool with which to communicate the many events and news in which the institution is involved, making, at the same time, the extensive material more easily accessible.
In the site you may find interesting sections such as the one dedicated to the virtual tour of fittings designed by the architect from the 30s to the 50s or the video interviews with historians and experts.

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Studio Albini Associati website

The prestigious architectural firm turned to us with the need to effectively illustrate the work carried out in more than fifty years and present the ones still in progress. On the website we have achieved is then brought a wide selection of available projects, described through photographs, comments and technical specifications. there’s also a page of summary about 120 projects made from the ’60s to today.

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Passepartout kitchen utensils hook

Project presented at Salone Satellite ’14

We wished to answer a question of a more flexible lifestyle presenting this small object
in occasion of EuroCucina.
Recently more and more people change house frequently and the percentage of rents is growing. This unstable condition determines how they choose their own home furnishing: many people prefer easy to handle and install objects (see previous projects Johnny Stecchino, Rocket Lamp).
Old kitchens of homes for rent are mostly fitted with shelves but not always with a hooking bar. Probably the tenant does not want to spend time and money installing one, our solution just use the shelves support with a small but expressive design intervention.
There was therefore the space for a low cost and easily reusable item, that adapts many times in different situations and could be sold in sets. We thought of a folding flat object that combines function and appearance, regarding the decorative value.

Technical description_ This object presents itself to the purchaser as a simple silhouette: a 0.8mm metal sheet cut, reduced in three points in order to simplify manual folding with minimal effort. The object assumes a three-dimensional configuration, extremely practical to hang from the common kitchen shelves. For now it is scheduled for shelves ranging from 23 to 30mm thick. The central folding point allows you to have a hook or a horizontal rod (suitable for hanging tools hook provided). Passpartout will be equipped with a rubberised finish to preserve the shelves from scratches.

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Parco degli Aironi website

Ardea Onlus, the non-profit organization that manages the park Aironi Gerenzano (Va), needed to set up a corporate image project for the park.
Initially we created an encoded graphical language to be applied to all communication paper (posters, flyers, etc.). The project expected a new dynamic site with a renewed layout according with the image of the park, more functional and more indexable on search engines.

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Apartment in Bollate

Apartment for a family with two children.
The spaces do not have much natural light because of the exposure to the north and the positioning on a lower floor. We thought about this in the lighting project, by placing an appropriate number of points with direct and indirect light, able to return the atmosphere to every rooms at different times of the day.

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Camilla Small chair

This project comes from the observation of the children behavior and needs during play and socialization moments: the small chair appears to child as a friend to always bring along, to transport their belongings from one place to another or simply to sit.
Even the task of ordering the room will be lived with greater interest and enjoyment by children who can put the toys in these movable containers instead of the usual shelves.
Entirely made of multilayer plywood, shaped and painted with nontoxic paint.

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Caffè Ravelli website

The Caffè Ravelli is the historical pizzeria in Cusago, near Milan. It offers café, bar, restaurant and was not present on line with its own site. Among the customer requests it stood out the need to be able to book from home via website, also had to be updated daily the section dealing with the menu of the day.

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Marcello Morandini website

Marcello Morandini is a well known artist with a long career. It was expected to enter a large amount of works, publications and reviews; it was necessary to carefully study the consultation criteria. We have implemented a cross-fields search form in order to help making further researches.
The site, in three languages​​, can be updated easily by the customer through the WordPress administration panel.
The graphics have been designed in collaboration with Studiosano by Takahide Sano.

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5Tech Group website

5Tech is a company that brings together a group of suppliers of precision components.
The client asked for the maximum clarity of content and ease of navigation. The site has been set graphically starting by the logo, specifically redesigned. Particular attention has been placed in consultability across all browsers and mobile devices.
The site is easily updatable by the client via WordPress panel.

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“Diary of an Illusion” logo and illustrations

Ananke are a group of the Italian Heavy Metal scene. The first work involved the creation of the logo of the group, which was followed by the realization of flyers and posters for the concerts. In 2009 their first album, produced by Underground Symphony, has been released and all graphics and illustrations of the box, including the screen-printed image affixed to the CD, have been made.

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