Pro Nois Website

Ci siamo occupati di

  • sviluppo sito
  • sviluppo piattaforma ecommerce
  • formazione per l'utilizzo e la gestione del sito e della parte di negozio
  • statistiche di visita e gestione privacy/cookie policy


Layout grafici a cura di Valeria Piccardo

The client is a new clothing brand developed in Sardinia and distributed in Italy that proposes garments specifically aimed at genderfluid people.
Our studio was involved for the development phase with the request to ensure maximum fidelity to the graphic templates and brand identity while managing all aspects of usability and responsiveness on the various navigation devices.

Particular attention was also paid to the issue of ease of management and customisation of the site by the customer, within the very clear framework of the graphic model.
For this purpose, parametric blocks were created, which can be rearranged as desired.

The online shop was developed starting from the woocommerce component and it has been enriched with ad-hoc functionality.
A two-factor authentication and registration system was also set up to guarantee greater security in the purchasing process.

The realisation of the site also included training on the use of the site’s management panel, with particular emphasis on aspects related to order and stock management.