Milady Umbrella stand

We observed the majority of umbrella stand are not intended to accommodate the compact folding umbrellas which are often stacked on the ground or slip on the bottom. We wanted to answer this need with an elegant shape, smooth and essential, that immediately communicates the multiple use which it is designed for.

We employ a simple bent and assembled metal wire that could represent the concept of pure structure and fulfils the function of containing without holding. Dimensional ratios study was particularly tough because we had to find a balance between containing two different types of umbrellas and respecting a proportion between the upper and the lower part. Achieving this balance we found also a name for our project, referring to dresses shape of XVII century ladies.

Technical description_ The object is made with a single material: it consists in 12 steel rods (diameter 6 mm), bent with an angle of 75°, in a circular ring made by another rod of the same diameter and in a water drop collector plate, wielded on the bottom.
The terminal part of the rods is bent with an angle of 90° in order to be tangent to a hypothetical circumference. These hooks can host many different sized umbrellas while providing the place to hang the little ones.