Johnny Stecchino Coat stand

Producer: Adentro Paris

Johnny Stecchino is a leaning against wall coat-stand made by ash wood, light and handy, composed by few and simple elements:
two rods (heigh 1800mm and Ø30mm) are fastened to each other thanks to a hinge that allow you to adjust the opening.

Hooks and knobs are placed in slots on the rods, distributed in order to employ at best the space to hang the clothes, simulating at the same time a sort of casuality.

Stability is ensured by leveling feet with anti-slip bottom.

Johnny Stecchino is a simple object but with a strong personality, also thanks to the choice of the two bright color combinations. The paints used are non-toxic and breathable.

The free-standing model has been joined by a wall-mounted version, which is more compact but just as expressive. Naturally, it could only be called John Stecchino Jr.