Small loft in Milan Renewal

In this project we had to deal with all issues related to the theme of the minimum space. This is a topic that we love very much because it’s actual and gives us the opportunity to experience interesting and innovative solutions.

Very often “Old Milan houses” have very high ceilings.
This is a good opportunity to realize lofts that, whether carefully designed, give you the possibility to create living spaces which you wouldn’t think to have.
In this case, on the upper floor there is a comfortable sleeping area.
Particularly, in a small two-rooms apartment like this, it’s very important to hide the bed, in order to make space look “wider”.

To avoid the presence of pillars, the mezzanine structure has been realized with metal beams which transfer the weight to the load-bearing walls.
As for the floor, a fir planking of 20 mm thicknesshas been chosen, with male female joint. The effect of brightness has been guaranteed by the wooden beams painted with white and light-colored.

Concerning the bathroom, very small, it was absolutely important to counter the sense of suffocation and we opted for installing a shower stall that “disappears” when not in use. We also adopted wall hung sanitary for getting more empty portions of the floor and a careful combination of colors and bright materials.

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