Passepartout kitchen utensils hook


Project presented at Salone Satellite ’14

We wished to answer a question of a more flexible lifestyle presenting this small object
in occasion of EuroCucina.
Recently more and more people change house frequently and the percentage of rents is growing. This unstable condition determines how they choose their own home furnishing: many people prefer easy to handle and install objects (see previous projects Johnny Stecchino, Rocket Lamp).
Old kitchens of homes for rent are mostly fitted with shelves but not always with a hooking bar. Probably the tenant does not want to spend time and money installing one, our solution just use the shelves support with a small but expressive design intervention.
There was therefore the space for a low cost and easily reusable item, that adapts many times in different situations and could be sold in sets. We thought of a folding flat object that combines function and appearance, regarding the decorative value.

Technical description_ This object presents itself to the purchaser as a simple silhouette: a 0.8mm metal sheet cut, reduced in three points in order to simplify manual folding with minimal effort. The object assumes a three-dimensional configuration, extremely practical to hang from the common kitchen shelves. For now it is scheduled for shelves ranging from 23 to 30mm thick. The central folding point allows you to have a hook or a horizontal rod (suitable for hanging tools hook provided). Passpartout will be equipped with a rubberised finish to preserve the shelves from scratches.